Chargeprice API Documentation

GET /v2/tariffs

Returns raw tariffs. Tariffs can either be of type tariff or sub_tariff (which describes the tariff per CPO in more detail).

This API follows the specification.


Authorization Group



The following query parameters are available.

Name Type Presence Example Description
filter[] String required “123” Only the tariffs which belong to this EMP are returned
filter[id] CSV optional “123,456” If set, only tariffs with the given ids are returned
filter[] CSV optional “123” If set, only tariffs with the given CPO are returned
filter[] CSV optional “123” If set, only tariffs with the given Super Tariff are returned
filter[type] CSV optional “tariff,sub_tariff” If set, only tariffs with the given types are returned
fields[tariff] CSV optional “name,url” If set, only the given fields of a tariff are returned
fields[sub_tariff] CSV optional “name,url” If set, only the given fields of a sub_tariff are returned
page[size] Positive Integer optional 2 Max no. of elements in the current response. Default: 100, Max value: 100
page[number] Positive Integer optional 10 Current page number. Default: 1

Response Body

A response contains 0 to many tariffs. The following table lists the attributes of a tariff or sub_tariff (both have the same fields):

Name Type Example Description
name String “Mobility+” Name of the tariff
created_at Timestamp 1546297200000 Creation time of the resource
updated_at Timestamp 1546297200000 Last update of the resource
version Integer 1 Current lock version
monthly_min_sales Float 6.0 Minimum charging costs per month
monthly_fee Float 4.9 Subscription fee per month
yearly_service_fee Float 20.0 Any additionaly fee to be paid per year
is_flat_rate Boolean true Given a monthly fee, charging with this tariff is at no extra cost for a single charge
is_direct_payment Boolean true This tariff can be used without registration
provider_customer_only Boolean true If true, tariff is only available for customers of a provider (e.g. electricity provider for the home).
currency String “EUR” Currency in which any price of the tariff is defined.
notes String “Very special tariff” Any other information about the tariff. Free text.
url String “” In case the tariff has a specific url (other than the general EMP url)
no_price_policy String “inherit” What should happen if no price is available? Options: inherit (tariff -> hide, sub_tariff and poi_tariff -> same as super_tariff), hide (don’t show at station), show_reason (show reason stated below)
no_price_reason String “inherit” Reason why there is no price available. Options: inherit (tariff -> not_yet_listed, sub_tariff and poi_tariff -> same as super_tariff), prices_per_station, not_public, not_yet_listed
apply_prices_to_sub_tariff Boolean (or null) true Prices of a tariff should be applied (copied to) sub tariffs during the price calculation.
supported_countries Array [“AT”,”DE”] List of countries where the tariff is mainly supported.
tags Array - Tags that are shown next to the tariff. E.g. “New Prices since 01.09.”, “Club Membership required”
tags.kind String “info” Find all valid value here.
tags.localized_text Hash { “en”: “Hello” } Key-value pairs of localized text. Find all valid languages here.
tags.url String “” A URL where the tag links to. Might contain {locale} (e.g.{locale}/post.html), which should be replaced by the current locale by the client.
prices Array - One ore more price components (restriction + price)
prices.restrictions Hash - Restrictions of the current price component
prices.restrictions.allowance String “allow” “allow”: All restriction values need to pass, to fulfill the restriction. “deny”: All restriction values need to be false, to fulfill the restriction
prices.restrictions.charge_point_powers Array [7.4,11] List of valid power values of the charge point
prices.restrictions.charge_point_energy_type String “ac” Valid power/phase. Either “ac”, “dc” or null if it applies for both.
prices.restrictions.cpo_ids Array [“123”,”456”] All valid CPO (company) IDs.
prices.restrictions.countries Array [“AT”,”DE”] All countries that apply. ISO 3166-1 values are valid
prices.restrictions.car_ac_phase Integer 3 Valid AC phases of the car
prices.restrictions.charge_point_power_is_range Boolean true true: List of charge_point_powers needs to have two values, which define a range of valid values (first value needs to be <= second value). False: Only the specifc values are valid.
prices.restrictions.use_consumed_charging_power Boolean true if true: The consumed power of the car defines the price, instead of the maximum power of the station.
prices.decomposition Hash - Defines the price segment
prices.decomposition.dimension String “minute” Either “minute”, “kwh” or “session”
prices.decomposition.price Float - The price per dimension.
prices.decomposition.range_gte Integer - From which dimension value the price applies.
prices.decomposition.range_lt Integer - Until which dimension value the price applies.
prices.decomposition.billing_increment Float 10 e.g. if dimension is minute and billing increment is 10, the customer is charged in blocks of any started 10 minutes.
prices.decomposition.currency String - The currency of this component. Overrules the currency of the tariff. For any combination of prices, all values defined in the price segment which currently apply, need to have the same currency!
prices.decomposition.time_of_day_start Integer 720 Time of day when this segment starts to count or gets active
prices.decomposition.time_of_day_end Integer 720 Time of day when this segment stops to count or be active
vehicle_brands Relationship Array - Which vehicle brands are supported by this tariff.
super_tariffs Relationship Array - Only allowed for sub_tariff. To which tariffs this sub tariff counts to.
emp Relationship - Owner EMP of the tariff.
cpo Relationship - Only allowed for sub_tariff. CPO to which this tariff applies to.

Timestamp = Millis since 1.1.1970



Content-Type: application/json
Api-Key: my-secret-key


200 Ok


  "data": [
      "id": "1e49b853-36fc-47ed-9826-97828b5b2fdd",
      "type": "tariff",
      "attributes": {
        "created_at": 1546297200000,
        "updated_at": 1546297200000,
        "version": 1,
        "name": "EinfachStromLaden",
        "prices": [
            "restrictions": [
                "allowance": "allow",
                "charge_point_powers": [
                "charge_point_energy_type": null,
                "cpo_ids": [
                "countries": [
                "car_ac_phase": 3,
                "charge_point_power_is_range": false
            "decomposition": [
                "dimension": "minute",
                "price": 0.1,
                "range_gte": 0,
                "range_lt": 60,
                "billing_increment": 0.01,
                "currency": null,
                "time_of_day_start": 600,
                "time_of_day_end": 1200
        "monthly_min_sales": 0.0,
        "monthly_fee": 0.0,
        "yearly_service_fee": 0.0,
        "is_flat_rate": false,
        "is_direct_payment": false,
        "provider_customer_only": false,
        "currency": "EUR",
        "notes": null,
        "url": "",
        "supported_countries": ["AT","DE"],
        "no_price_policy": "inherit",
        "no_price_reason": "inherit",
        "tags": [
            "kind": "alert",
            "localized_text": {
              "en": "Hello World",
              "de": "Hallo Welt"
            "url": ""
        "apply_prices_to_sub_tariff": false
      "relationships": {
        "vehicle_brands": {
          "data": [
              "type": "brand",
              "id": "7e49b853-36fc-47ed-9826-97828b5b2fdd"
        "super_tariffs": {
          "data": [

        "emp": {
          "data": {
            "type": "company",
            "id": "2e49b853-36fc-47ed-9826-97828b5b2fdd"
        "cpo": {
          "data": null
  "meta": {
    "overall_count": 3
400 Bad Request

Client provided invalid request body.

  "errors": [
      "status": "400",
      "code": "BAD_REQUEST",
      "title": "..."
403 Forbidden
  "errors": [
      "status": "403",
      "code": "FORBIDDEN",
      "title": "api_key missing"
500 Internal Server Error

An unexpected error happened.

  "errors": [
      "status": "500",
      "code": "INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR",
      "title": "some error"