Chargeprice API Documentation

Integrate Charge Prices into your Application

At the moment the following POI (Charging Station) Provider APIs are supported as data adapters for the Charge Prices API:

You need to integrate at least one of the above data sources to use the Chargeprice API and fetch prices.

Get familiar with your chosen API(s) before you continue with the next step.

Map POI API with Chargeprice API

Here you can find the documention of the Prices endpoint of the Chargeprice API.

Since the API is designed to support multiple sources, the data of the chosen source now needs to be provided in the correct format.


You will need to map the data from the Charging Stations API to the following attributes in the Charge Prices API:

Chargeprice (Charging Stations) Chargeprice (Charge Prices) Transformation
country - -
longitude station.longitude -
latitude station.latitude -
charge_points.power station.charge_points.power -
charge_points.plug station.charge_points.plug -

Going Electric

You will need to map the data of Going Electric to the following attributes in Chargeprice:

Going Electric Chargeprice Transformation -
network false -> null
coordinates.lng station.longitude - station.latitude -
chargepoints.power station.charge_points.power -
chargepoints.type station.charge_points.plug -

Open Charge Map (Beta)

You will need to map the data of OpenChargeMap to the following attributes in Chargeprice:

Open Charge Map Chargeprice Transformation
AddressInfo.Country.ISOCode -
OperatorID convert to string: 23 => "23"
AddressInfo.Longitude station.longitude -
AddressInfo.Latitude station.latitude -
Connections.PowerKW station.charge_points.power -
station.charge_points.plug “ConnectionTypeID,CurrentTypeID”, e.g. ConnectionTypeID: 27, CurrentTypeID: 30 => "27,30"

Have a look at this example API request from OpenChargeMap and find the above attributes.