Chargeprice API Documentation


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Monthly Cost - Free Contact Us Contact Us
Included Monthly API calls (soft limit) - 5,000 From 15,000 Unlimited
Commercial Use - No Yes Yes
Support - Limited Yes Yes
Workshops - - Yes Yes
Remove Branding - - - Yes
Remove Tracking - - - Yes
Service Level Agreement - - - Yes
Included APIs Authorization
Prices for a charging session ReadCosts Yes Yes Yes
Vehicles Overview* ReadVehicles Yes Yes Yes
Vehicles Details (Available soon!) TBD Yes Yes Yes
Tariffs Overview* ReadSimpleTariffs Yes Yes Yes
User Feedback* WriteUserFeedback Yes Yes Yes
Charging Stations** ReadStations - Yes Yes
CPO/EMP Details ReadTariffs - - Yes
Tariff Details (Raw) ReadTariffs - - Yes
Tariff Details (Price Details for EMP at CPO) ViewPriceBenchmark - - Yes
Write Tariff and CPO/EMP Data WriteTariffs - - Available for CPOs and EMPs

* Does not count towards API call limit

** 100 calls count as 1 API call towards limit

Authorization Groups

Check each endpoint documentation for the Authorization Group that applies.

Discounts & Extended Call Limits

Depending on the state of your application or project, the circumstances of the developers, how your project contributes to e-mobility or how you have contributed to Chargeprice, Chargeprice might grant discounts or extended API call limits to the above mentioned plans.