Chargeprice API Documentation

Terms of Use

By using the Chargeprice API, you are accepting the entirety of the following terms. These terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

Only use your personal API key

Every API key is given in association to an entity, being a company or a physical person.

It is not permitted to use any other API key than the one(s) provided by Chargeprice (it is not allowed to e.g. use the API key from

Additionally the provided API key must only be used for the application that was agreed on with Chargeprice. Any use in a new application must be requested first.

Using a non authorized API or misusing your personal API will result in a report to legal authorities.


The API consumer shall mention Chargeprice, display the Chargeprice logo (resources can be found here) and link to on every media the data transferred by Chargeprice is used.

Before launching the integration of the Chargeprice API, a screenshot or test account needs to be provided to Chargeprice and Chargeprice needs to approve the branding.

Exceptions might be explicitly granted only by a legal representative of Chargeprice SAS.

Soft Limit & Current Usage

In case the monthly API limit is reached, Chargeprice won’t be turn off the API access automatically. However Chargeprice will reach out to the API consumer.

Right now it is not possible for the API consumer to see the number of requests for the current or past months. Chargeprice can provide this data at any time though if the API consumer requests it.

Reselling data

The API consumer will use the data provided by Chargeprice solely for the agreed application and is not allowed to share any information or data transferred by Chargeprice or via the Chargeprice platform without prior written consent from Chargeprice.

Using a non authorized API or misusing your personal API key will result in a report to legal authorities.

This clause has been added after intended data abuse.


It is not permitted to cache any data received from the API for longer than 24 hours on the client-side (e.g. mobile devices). Server-side caching is prohibited at all. Exceptions are vehicles data in general and data that are considered as settings, e.g. Storing the selected vehicle or ones selected tariffs in a local storage. It is explicitly prohibited to cache any price or charging station related data. Further exceptions need to be explicitly granted by Chargeprice.

Avoid unnecessary calls

The API consumer should limit the number of API requests to the minimum to fulfill the use case.

Breaking Changes in the API

Chargeprice is constantly adding new features to it’s platform and hence APIs will change. However we are trying our best to avoid changes, which would potentially break the connection to existing API consumers (“breaking changes”). However also the API consumer is responsible to implement the API in a robust way. The following (likely not complete) list will hence illustrate what is a breaking change and what not. API consumers are responsible to deal with non-breaking changes!

Breaking Changes

Non-Breaking Changes

API Lifecycle and Sunsetting

Some new features might not be compatible with the current API and would require a breaking change though. To avoid this a new API version will be introduced.

The old and new API will then run in parallel for a period of at least 90 days. During this period all API consumers must switch to the new API. Chargeprice will inform all API consumers at the beginning of the period.

At the end of this period the old API will get deactivated!

Hence all API consumers (especially if the API is used in clients that are hard to upgrade, like Mobile Apps) are responsible to consider the deactivation of every API from the beginning on!


Chargeprice is not liable for any loss or damage or any expenses incurred by the API consumer, irrespective of the legal grounds on which any such claim may be based (breach of obligation, contract, tort etc.).

Chargeprice will do all that is in its power to keep the platform’s performance acceptable.

The API consumer is responsible for communication of any kind with its customers, including termination of the current agreement.

In case of data being malformed or containing improper data or false pricing information Chargeprice cannot be held responsible for the correctness of these data-sets.


In case of misuse, non authorized transfer or disclosure of data transferred under the scope of these terms the API consumer shall pay a fee of ten euros (10€) per data, where data equals to one price information for one POI.

In severe cases Chargeprice might